2018 Blind Triple IPA Tasting

*Bonus Triple IPAs have been added, featuring a total of 14!

Hey, hey, hey, lest you think we forgot about the grand tour of triple IPAs that march out this season, have no fear our blind triple IPA tasting has arrived.

There is much to be discussed about the qualities of the triple IPA (where should the ABV stand, is this one too malty, too hoppy, too much of an easy drinking triple, do I need to have one or three more, can someone call my husband/wife/partner/roomate/cat and tell them I will he home later than planned), but for the purposes of this email you’ll simply need to know the details of the tasting:

1.) We will be featuring a total of (12) triple IPAs this year. 
2.) (6) triples will line up on draft beginning Thursday at 6:00pm and stay on the lines (until they run out) through Friday.
3.) (6) NEW triples will line up on draft Friday at 6:00pm for a grand total of (12). 
4.) Each tap will be labeled with a letter only; beer names and breweries will NOT be listed. 
5.) The lines will be hooked up by two individuals, these individuals will be the only ones with the knowledge of what is pouring on each line. All other staff members of City Beer will be tasting blind along with you. 
6.)We will announce the results via social media and on our website Friday, February 23 at 9pm. 
Now go get ’em tiger!

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