Bounty of Beer: Cellar Sale with Almanac Beer Company and Jester King Brewery

Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan founded Almanac Beer Company in 2010. They share a common belief, that fresh and seasonal ingredients sourced from neighboring farms produces the finest and most interesting beer.

We have enthusiastically stocked our shelves with their bounty of beer since the first batch bottled, and for the second year during SFBW we will be unleashing a smattering of vintage and newly released bottles. For a special treat, Austin’s authentic farmhouse brewery Jester King will be joining our session. A belief in producing beer with strong ties to the land, Jester King is a natural fit.

The Almanac family and Jester King family will be barside to passionately discuss their farm-to-barrel method.  

Bottles from the Almanac cellars:

  • Bourbon Sour Porter 
  • Cerise Sour Blond  
  • Dogpatch Sour (2014)
  • Valley of the Heart’s Delight (2014)
  • Valley of the Heart’s Delight (2015)
  • Valley of the Heart’s Delight (2016)
  • and more

Bottles from the Jester King cellars:

  • Kollabortionsbier
  • Foudreweizen
  • Black Metal
  • and more
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