Deux Amis Debut with Tomme Arthur and Olivier Dedeycker

Deux Amis is a special collaboration between two iconic breweries:  Belgium’s own Brasserie Dupont and San Diego’s Lost Abbey.  Join the brewers behind this American Belgian Saison Ale, Tomme Arthur and Olivier Dedeycker while they share their story of creating a classic saison with an American twist.  Deux Amis will be available on draft and in bottles.

Deux Amis (French for “Two Friends”) commemorates the landmark collaboration between Belgium’s Brasserie Dupont and America’s Lost Abbey Brewery.

This collaboration brings together two highly esteemed brewers who have long admired each other’s work–Olivier Dedeycker, the fourth-generation Master Brewer at Dupont and Tomme Arthur, the acclaimed Brew Master of Lost Abbey.

Brewed in Belgium using techniques perfected over almost a hundred years, Deux Amis receives its decidedly state-side flavor from the addition of American Amarillo and Simcoe hops. The result of this kinship is a dry, refreshing Old World Saison full of peppery spice that finishes with New World flavors of floral orange and earthy pine.

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