House of All Stars: City Beer Alumni Sipping Session

Our former bartenders may have left their place behind our bar, but they never left our hearts. We’ve enjoyed the privilege of working with some of the finest in the industry, and it’s only fitting that during the great big hug of SFBW we invite our all star team of City Beer Store bartenders back to swap stories behind the sticks. The players:

  • Eddie Hsu noon-1pm
  • Alex Dupont 1-2pm
  • Connor Casey 2-3pm
  • Paolo Peronne 3-4pm
  • Nowal Mitchell 4-5pm
  • Ryan Spencer 4-5pm
  • Matt Coelho 5-6pm
  • Stephanie Shaner 6-7pm
  • John Maniquis 7-8pm
  • Tammy 8-9pm
  • Trafton Bean 9-10pm
  • Craig Wathen hmmmmm
  • Beth Wathen noon-5pm

Plan to travel down for a visit and session with the collection of IPAs and Pale Ales pouring on draft. Bonus: In celebration of our first-rate manager Brian Spak’s birthday, there will be sugar laden treats.  AND our dear friend Nick Fullmer (graphic artist all star) will be barside.  

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