Make Mine a Mullet

This one’s for the dreamers. If you secretly or not so secretly harbor the desire to have your mane cut into a mullet, this event is custom made for you. If your friends roll their eyes speaking, “just get a mullet cut already dude and stop yapping about it!”, this event is for you. If you just want to drink delicious nectar of the gods beer and watch others around you get their hair cut into a mullet, this event is for you! If you want to don a faux mullet and wear those beloved jean cutoffs your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner keeps threatening to put in the “donation box” this event is for YOU!

Get your motor running with these pours on draft:

  • Backwoods Bastard 2013, Founders Brewing Company 
  • Bo & Luke, Against the Grain Brewery
  • Velvet Merkin 2013, Firestone Walker Brewing Company 
  • Hop Craic (Crack) XXXX, Moylan’s Brewery
  • Barrel-aged Speedway Stout, AleSmith Brewing Company
  • and we’re just getting started….

Kristy “Scissorbird” Nalepovic will be wielding the blades; time to pick your fancy: soccer rocker, femmullet, Kentucky waterfall, Mississippi mudflap, or perhaps the squirrel pelt. With special guest appearances from Against the Grain’s Jerry and Sam.

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