Russian River Sipping Session

Swing by for a round of Russian River beers on draft including vintage sour ales and hoppy delights.  

Draft list with times:

  • Noon
  • Aud Blonde 
  • Consecration 20016
  • Row 2, Hill 56
  • Pliny the Elder
  • Blind Pig  
  • Jake Brake
  • Porter 
  • Perdition 
  • Damnation 
  • 1pm: Supplication 2016 
  • 2pm: Sanctification 2015 
  • 3pm: Consecration 2014 
  • 4pm: Consecration 2010 
  • 5pm: Supplication 2009 
  • 6pm: Temptation 2015 

A portion of the proceeds for this event will be donated to Hispanic Federation Unidos, a disaster relief fund organized to assist Puerto Rico after the destruction dealt by Hurricane Maria.  Please visit this site to learn more or donate today:

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