Sante Adairius Rustic Ales: Thoughtful People, Thoughtful Beer


We are delighted to host our dear friends from SARA as part of our classic SFBW lineup. Drawing inspiration from Belgian brewing traditions and like-minded breweries, Sante Adairius Rustic Ales (affectionately known as SARA) offers beer enthusiasts a carefully refined collection of styles. Sante celebrates the unexpected qualities a small well-tended batch of beer produces; the melded flavors of yeast, hops, and nature joining together for a remarkable taste. To compliment their elegant beers, a custom tasting menu from our kitchen will be offered during the event.

-Spots and Dots
-Tomorrow, Today
-Fairy Ring
-Simple: Pacific Jade
-Clock and Compass
-Professor's Patent
-Of This World
-Bed Level
-Even Odds
-Chapter & Verse
-La Mesa
-Bridges & Tunnels
-Foudre 2
-Proper Discourse
-Collective Grace
-Sometimes Why
-Saison Bernice
-Amongst Friends
-Wisdom is Learned
-Foudre 2

-Spots and Dots
-Of this World
-Clocks and Compass
-and more, more, more....just you wait and see!

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