Tale of the Hop(s) II: Sipping Session with Societe, Alpine, and artist Nick Fullmer

We find our hop heroes one year later, still churning out excellent IPAs and spinning yarns. The story: when Societe Brewing Company founders Doug and Travis sketched out plans for their dream brewery, they reached out to the historical IPA producer Pat of Alpine Beer Company. Their goal was to craft fresh and treasured IPAs with the same dedication honored at Alpine, and thus sought the wisdom of its founder. Pat listened and provided sage advice.

The folks behind the kettle tell the narrative best, and lucky for you the storytellers will be barside to share:

  • Pat Mcilhenney (Owner and Brew Master, Alpine Beer Company)
  • Shawn Mcilhenney (Head Brewer, Alpine Beer Company)
  • Doug Constantiner (Co-Founder, Societe Brewing Company)
  • Mike V. Sardina (Ruler of the Underworld, Societe Brewing Company)

There will be hoppiness on tap; floral, citrus, sticky, piney, insert your hoppy word of choice here. Fill your glass, gather round, and share in the joy Societe and Alpine bring to the beer community.

San Francisco artist Nick Fullmer with his excellent hand drawn designs (many beer related) will be showcasing new works, including the City Beer Store SFBW 2016 Drowning in Beer. Saddle up to bar to hear his own tales (all non-fiction, no fables) of sipping glorious Societe and Alpine IPAs.

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