City Beer Is Moving

Hello From City Beer Store!

We’re moving. Rather than write up a splashy statement with lots of exclamation points and lyrical lines, we simply want to say we’re moving and it’s exciting. This wasn’t something that we were expecting, but certain factors put us in the position where we could not longer remain on Folsom Street. But this isn’t a story about rent increases; this is a story about the next chapter in City Beer Store.

A new space will allow us to breathe fresh energy into City Beer, allow us to explore new ideas, and allow us to offer a beer experience that’s not been done before. We like to think of this next phase as a new generation of the beer store concept.

We began City Beer Store more than eleven years ago without a model. People were not familiar with a beer retail store and tasting bar dedicated strictly to beer, simply because it did not exist before. The most common question posed by customers and passers-by alike was: “What are you? A bar or a store?”. It’s how we chose our mascot the platypus: an animal that doesn’t quite fit in any category.

Our new home, it’s another chapter in that story, and here’s what we are really excited about: the fact we are staying in the neighborhood. Not just in the SOMA/Mid-Market neighborhood, but just a mere two blocks up. By staying in the place we put down roots over a decade ago, we’ll be able to continue writing our story in the best way possible, with the community that helped shape City Beer Store. The community of people who have sipped with us as neighbors, worked with us behind the bar, visitors to San Francisco, old friends, new friends, collectively they all make up the fabric of our store.

Over the next six months please help us say goodbye to our City Beer Store on Folsom, and when the doors close at 1168, help us take the same unique spirit up the street to 1148 Mission Street. Linger a little longer next time you are in town, or stop and have a beer as you shop for your weekend needs. It has been a great run on Folsom.


Beth and Craig

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