Music! Beer! The Mission!

It is with great excitement we announce our next project, along with two dear friends we will be taking over the iconic Mission bar and live music venue “Amnesia”. This is a golden opportunity that is rare and full of hope, and we are humbled by the legacy this gem of a spot on Valencia has created.

There will be a great many questions surrounding this new venture; rest assured we are working on all those fine details now. There is paperwork to file, people to meet, and inner workings to understand. We wholeheartedly respect the community Amnesia’s founder Shawn Magee has created; this bar is a labor of love much like our own City Beer Store. Know this, it is incredibly important to us the spirit of the Amnesia family and the Mission remain true.

Rewind back four years where our story begins. Shawn came to us with an idea for City Beer to curate a small tap menu. We loved it, bridging the art of brewing together with the art of music by selecting beers that sing in harmony with the tunes. Fast forward to April 2015 when Shawn approached us with the idea of purchasing Amnesia.

We felt gleeful, curious, frightened, and thrilled! Would we be able to command this vessel’s helm? Reflection unveiled the journey would be worth the risk. There will be a blending of these two unique communities and it makes us glow with optimism for the next phase.

We will leave you with Amnesia’s philosophy, it’s a great one to honor, and you can be sure we will:

Really, our philosophy goes like this: You’re poor, you’re rich, gay, straight, old, young, we don’t care, but however you come, come with the right attitude. Like the sign on our wall says: “BE NICE OR LEAVE- THIS IS A GROWN FOLKS ESTABLISHMENT”.

Thank you for the love and support!!!!

Sip, sip, sip….
Craig and Beth Wathen

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