Tripping Animals - Dark No Mames

  • $18.99


Mexican-Style Dark Lager

In Spanish slang, the phrase ‘no mames’ loosely translates to ‘no f#@kin’ way!’

Which is appropriate, because that’s exactly what I said when I first tasted this Mexican Dark Lager. The brew pours a deep amber-brown, but take a sip, and you’ll find yourself instantly refreshed by a deluge of light, crisp, malty flavors!

Hints of roasty espresso peek out from the corners, and if you let a drop linger on your taste buds you might discover a bit of baker’s chocolate. But none of that gets in the way of its thirst-quenching coolness.

This brew pairs beautifully with all your sunny summer activities! It’ll take you from lounging by the pool to working up a sweat in the yard without missing a beat

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