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2020 Fuso 'Cala' Terre Siciliane Nero d'Avola

  • $19.99


Our friend Dario Serrentino believes that the desert-like calcareous soils, and cool night air here, help temper alcohol, while giving freshness. With the CALA bottling, Dario co-fermented musky, red-fruited Nero d’Avola, with the lightening acidity of Grillo. CALA, the word for ‘grape’ in Sicilian dialect, highlights the limestone terroir, and Dario’s natural winemaking touch. It drinks like a welcome oasis of shade, restorative and invigorating. Like all reds in the FUSO project - good with a slight chill. FUSO is our project to search for and bottle Italy’s natural and characterful daily drinkers. We work with farmers and producer friends who are committed to organic viticulture, low-intervention, and terroir-driven wines.

ABV: 12%