Artisanal - Warheads Hard Seltzer: Lemon (16oz Can)

  • $4.99


Sour candy hard seltzers made in collaboration with Impact Confections, the makers of Warheads® candies. Like the sour ales, these sour hard seltzers were created to be true to the candy, but still drinkable by the pint which required a delicate balance between drinkability, sourness, flavor, and sweetness. The hard candy has three distinct sensory phases - extreme sour, flavor, and sweet. Our Warheads® Hard Seltzers seek to match the point when the Warheads® candy transitions from the sour phase to the flavor phase. These hard seltzers are refreshing, sweet, sour, and totally unlike any seltzer you’ve had before! Each seltzer features a different Warheads® Extreme Sour candy flavoring with flavors rotating each batch.

ABV: 5%