Embark - American Heirloom

  • $14.99


Seven varieties of American heirloom apples blend to create a complex hard cider. It’s fruity yet acidic, with hints of elderflower, spice and honey with a long finish and a lot of lingering flavor complexity. 

Golden Russet, Baldwin, Northern Spy, McIntosh, Rhode Island Greening, Winesap, and Newton Pippin grown on site at Lagoner Farms were ripened until they had achieved the desired flavor, sugar and acidity for this blend. They were then pressed and fermented shortly after harvesting to take advantage of the strong attributes each apple brings to the mix. Embark Craft Ciderworks’ American Heirloom hard cider pays tribute to hard cider’s Colonial role as the drink of choice by returning these seven heirloom apple varieties to their rightful place–in the glass.

Awards: Silver, New World Cider - Heritage Category, The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Competition (2015)

7.5% alc by vol