Alesong - Senor Rhino 2022

  • $20.99


Rhino Suit was one of the first spirits-barrel-aged beers we released at Alesong back in 2016, and although we’ve made subtle tweaks each time around, that same rich and delicious milk stout has been a favorite that we’ve returned to again and again. This fall, we're releasing Rhino Suit alongside our Mexican hot chocolate version, Señor Rhino. Both beers share the same wonderfully rich and chocolatey base blend of stouts aged in Heaven Hill barrels, but Señor forges its own identity with the addition of rich cocoa nibs, smoky ancho chiles, spicy cinnamon, and smooth vanilla.

ABV: 13.5%
Barrels: Heaven Hill Bourbon
Microbes: Saccharomyces
Pairing Suggestions: Spiced candied hazelnuts, roast duck with mole sauce, vanilla ice cream