Armistice - Saison Vraiment

  • $6.99


This is just another take on a classic style we love. Sometimes we’re freaks, putting shit you’d never expect into a beer, but when it comes to saisons, we’re staunch incrementalists, preferring the subtle shifts of evolution to the giant leaps of revolution – which is to say: it will be a very long time before we start putting lactose in our saisons. This time we subbed out wheat malt for spelt malt. The two are not dissimilar but the spelt imparts a nice touch of earthiness. We also let the temperature of fermentation rise freely with the yeast activity, which led to a much more expressive phenolic profile that leans toward clove and other moluccan spices. If you’re looking for something drier than a hefe and more interesting than a wheat bear, try a saison. Really.