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Silva - Vēˈ vä ˌ Chē

  • $13.99


Rustic Ale w/Brett Bruxellensis
“Lively” is what you can expect from this deep golden hued rustic ale with a complex flavor profile that continuously evolves in the bottle. A trio of hops contributes a bright herbal nose and citrus notes that give way to geraniol aromas and a hint of toasted malt. The zesty hop flavors and bitterness paired with toasted malts are the supporting flavors for a complex, fruity fermentation consisting of the original yeast plus a wild yeast added during secondary fermentation (Brettanomyces Bruxellensis). A third yeast is utilized for a fresh kick throughout the initial bottle conditioning while the wild yeast continues to perform slowly, making the beer drier and livelier over time. This beer will age gracefully for 8 years or more if you don’t drink it all fresh.