Artisanal - Warheads: Black Cherry (16oz Can)

  • $6.99


Warheads® Extreme Sour Black Cherry Candy Ale is made in collaboration with Impact Confections, the makers of Warheads® candies. Just like the candy, these beers are sweet, sour, and crushable pint after pint!
Each ale in our Warheads® Extreme Sour candy ale series features a different Warheads® Extreme Sour Candy or Smash Ups Candy flavoring and has been brewed to match the point when the candy goes from sour to sweet and the flavor pops out.

We chose this stage of the candy to mimic our ales after, as we sought a delicate balance between sourness, flavor, sweetness, and drinkability in R&D. The result is a drink that’s nostalgic, fun, and crushable pint after pint!

ABV: 5%