"The Weekender" - Weekly Staff Picked Favorites (6-Pack)

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"THE WEEKENDER" Weekly Staff Picked Favorites: 10/22 Edition - 10% OFF THE REGULAR PRICE!

Make some room in the fridge for our weekly staff picked collection of beer. Each week's bundle is hand selected by our knowledgeable staff & features the beers that we are enjoying the most . Sip, sip, sip...

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West Coast IPA - 6.8% ABV

Brewery Description: "Trying to figure out what an initial initiative is? Brain feeling all twisted? Sip on this westy while you unravel its mind-bending name. Fruity explosion, coming right up! An abundance of Nelson, Motueka, and NZ 107 hops lend flavors and aromas of passion fruit, white grape, tropical fruit, and a dash of lime citrus. Classic 2 row and Golden Promise malts impart a light malty taste and mellow sweetness to balance out the hop bite. What's your initial initiative?"

Why we picked it: I just remember it's really good! (Mara)


Hazy IPA - 7.3% ABV

Brewery Description: "Hazy IPA brewed with an expressive yeast strain called Sundew. Fermentation produces flavors of strawberry, passion fruit and stone fruit, which we’ve coupled with a unique dry hop to produce a single hazy IPA that’s quite different from our usual offerings in this vein. Integrated with Columbus for some dank pine-resin, along with New Zealand Cascade for a whiff of sweet lime, we’ve then added Citra lupulin cryo hops and candy-like El Dorado to tie this one together and complement the esters produced from this incredibly unique yeast strain. The overall balance of this IPA is something we’ve noted in this beer — there’s a fullness and high level of mouthfeel that is coalesced by hop flavor and a moderate bitterness."

Why we picked it: This new expressive yeast expresses a ton of unique & tasty flavors (Phil)


Hazy West Coast IPA - 7% ABV

Brewery Description: "This new hazy West Coast IPA is infused with terpenes. Hops and other plants like basil, mint and cannabis are loaded with terpenes which are aromatic compounds that smell like pine, citrus, lavender and many other common aromas. We love how the extra boost of these dank molecules play along with the soft and fruity Cascade, Galaxy and Strata hops in the brew. Thanks to Guild Extracts for providing us with the high quality terps for Mendo Sleigh Ride!"

Why we picked it: You can't call a beer dank until you've had this. (Zak) 


West Coast IPA - 7% ABV

Brewery Description: "West Coast IPA hopped with our hand selected Citra, Simcoe, & Mosaic."

Why we picked it: The Holy Trinity hops on delicious display in this crip west coaster. (Alex)


Imperial Coffee Stout - 8.2% ABV

Brewery Description: "This is just coffee in beer form. Beer is just the vehicle we chose to get our coffee fix, much like ketchup on some fries or cream cheese on that shitty bagel. Featuring a rotating cast of coffee roasters. For this batch we called upon Portland's coffee wizards. Heart Roasters. Every trip to Portland features a visit to Heart, where we are continuously blown away by the casual ridiculousness of their quality & sourcing. This batch of Coffee Vehicle is conditioned Heart's Kenya Nyawira AA beans."

Why we picked it: This has consistently been such a good coffee beer series. This particular one with Heart Roasters might be my favorite yet. (Alex)


Berries & Cream Smoothie-Style Sour Ale - 6.2% ABV

Brewery Description: "Aromas of strawberry ice cream, smashed berries, and a hint of cotton candy. Creamy lactose additions swirl a silky-smooth base through concentric rings of raspberry and strawberry sweetness, ultimately closing in on an ~elegant~ berry-seed bitterness on the finish. Medium-bodied at a 5.25/10 on our labeled viscometer!"

Why we picked it: Ok, I think I get this smoothie-style beer craze now. Consider me a full convert after having this insanely good beverage from Bottle Logic. (Zak)