Uhuru Pies - Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie & Beers Package

  • $55.99


We're delighted to offer a scrumptious pairing for the upcoming holiday!  A Uhuru Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie + 4-selected beers perfect for pairing.  

Each purchase comes with (1) 9-inch Uhuru Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie and a 4-pack of selected beers to pair with your dessert.

Beers included:
Moonraker - Pie of the Beholder
Alvarado Street - Give Thanks
Perennial Artisan Ales - Fantastic Voyage
Burgeon Beer Company - Pistil Pilsner

About Uhuru Pies
Since 1981, Uhuru Pies have been part of building an independent economy for African people.  Uhuru Foods and Pies is part of Black Star Industries, commerce by and between African people worldwide.