As lovers of fine beer and fine food, Craig and Beth often wondered about the lack of a beer specific retail and tasting bar in their much loved city of San Francisco. Often they questioned the inability to mix and match a six pack, why must one be committed six times over asked Craig to Beth?  Living in a wine swept environment, the beer couple wondered if perhaps a beer bar- based upon a wine bar model- had legs.  While traveling in a foreign land the idea of a beer niche retail and tasting bar was born.  In May of 2006 City Beer Store opened its doors in 

In 2018 City Beer moved their bottleshop + tasting bar concept two blocks up the street and added a full service kitchen to complement the City Beer experience.  Friends can now enjoy a creatively inspired food by chef Bam Liu alongside a curated draft beer menu.

Our original vision was to create a welcoming community based gathering spot to sip a beer while you browse the shelves.  Each customer is deserving of a unique individual shopping encounter rather than a formula sell, and we work closely with our staff to provide this experience. Our belief is that beer always deserves a seat at the table:  next to a fine wine or spirit.  Thank you for the continued support and kindness!

Craig and Beth Wathen
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