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Our City Beer home was designed with a 'choose your own adventure' style in mind.  A space carved out to sit quietly reflecting on the day with a fresh draft in hand, a space to gather with friends sharing beers and snacking, a space to perch chatting with a favorite bartender, a space to step inside quickly to grab that 'must have' 4-pack, and a space to move around enjoying all the elements.

-The Bottleshop: snag cans and bottles to enjoy both on and off site and gab about your favorite styles with our knowledgeable staff.

The Kitchen: order from our modern comfort food menu lunch or dinner.

The Bar: a rotating collection of beer, wine, and cider to satisfy every palette.

Thank you for swinging by!

MARCH 2020

City Beer has always been a community space; a haven to be among friends new and old and thus it is with a heavy heart we close our doors to all “on premise” services. We do this to respect the safety and health of this dear community.  Another day our doors will open wide again, we'll sit together and share a new experience with magic as our guide.  That's the intention.

A friendly word, a smile, and a virtual hug will go a long way.  Take care of one another; we’ll navigate these waters together.


Beth and Craig Wathen

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