Men’s Journal, August 2016

The 50 Best Beer Stores in America, California:  City Beer Store

"We could just as easily make a list of the 50 best beer stores in California, but when we have to choose one, it’ll be City Beer Store." 
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San Francisco Magazine, July 2016

The Best of San Francisco 2016

"Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this bottle shop and tasting bar remains a beer lover’s holy grail.
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Draft Magazine, July 2016

America’s 100 Best Beer Bars 2016

"City Beer Store is the original. Before there was a craft beer bar in the city, there was City Beer." 

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Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, August 2015

15 Beer Bars You Have To Visit, City Beer Store

"What it is: As lovers of fine food and fine beer, the founders of City Beer Store, Craig and Beth Wathen, often wondered about the lack of a beer-specific retail store and tasting bar in their much-loved city of San Francisco." 

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San Francisco Magazine, July 2015

Best of SF...Beer; City Beer Store

"You’ll never be able to drink your way through the hundreds of beers chilling in City Beer Store’s frosty, glass-fronted refrigerators-but you can try."

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Where Magazine, November 2014

Craft Beer Boom: 5 Bay Area Tasting Itineraries, SOMA Stroll

"Start the afternoon at City Beer Store, a hybrid beer bar and bottle shop that’s a magnet for ale and lager lovers. " 

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SF Weekly, May 2014

Best Of San Francisco 2014: Best Place To Stand In Awe Of The Glory Of Malt, Water, Yeast, And Hops

"A lot of stores in San Francisco sell beer, but then, a lot of stores sell condoms and toilet paper, too.  City Beer Store is the place to go if you want a retailer that revels in beer, that really loves the stuff." 

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EsquireTV-BrewDogs Season 1, Episode 2, November 2013

Brew Dogs, San Francisco Edition

"The BREW DOGS get “foggy” in San Fran by making the world’s first vaporized beer. You don’t drink this beer, you inhale it!" 



Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, August 2015

Rare Belgian Beer US Debut Draws Crowd

""None of the retailers, distributors or importers are getting any money off this either,” said Craig Wathen, Owner of City Beer Store." 

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San Francisco Magazine, November 2012

Meet the Local Beer Meisters

"Craig and Beth Wathen The Wathens didn’t set out to create the craft beer agora of San Francisco." 

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San Francisco Chronicle, July2012

Top 100 Bars

"With 500 to 700 bottled beers from around the globe, as well as a rotating list of 15 on tap, Craig and Beth Wathen’s 6-year old bottle shop/tasting room has earned a special place in the hearts of local beer lovers." 

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Celebrator June 2012

San Francisco Beer Store Breakthroughs

"In May, City Beer Store in San Francisco South of Market neighborhood celebrated six years of pushing boundaries, commissioning rare brews and just plain providing a great place to drink and talk beer." 




SF Weekly Blog, May 2012

City Beer Store Celebrates Six Years

"Fun fact: The platypus is the official mascot of SOMA's City Beer Store." 

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Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, August 2015

Beer Bash

"Our focus is on education,” says Beth Wathen, co-owner of City Beer Store in San Francisco, which has hosted on-site and off-site events in support of the city’s beer week since 2009. " 



Tablehopper, December 2011

Citizen’s Band & City Beer Store Team Up For Sausage Shenanigans

"The next time you’re gettin’ your suds on at the recently expanded City Beer Store on Folsom, you’ll also be able to get your sausage on (I know, that sounds kind of wrong), thanks to Citizens Band. " 

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Tasting Table, October 2011

Barrel-Aged Boom

"City Beer Store’s expansion will thrill beer cognoscenti. That can of Tecate you’re drinking may be sweetly ironic, but should you be ready to hop down that beer rabbit hole, City Beer Store awaits." 

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O-The Oprah Magazine, June 2011

The ten best microbrew beers

"O asked beer sommeliers for their regional favorites, then sampled their suggestions. Here are our our favorites." 

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Sunset, November 2010

Beer But better

"Owners Craig and Beth Wathen are usually working the bar at their encyclopedic store." 

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The New York Times, May 2010

Tastings With Craft Beers

"Craig and Beth Wathen looked to wine bars for inspiration when they opened City Beer Store (1168 Folsom Street, Suite 101; 415-503-1033;,) a spare loft in the SOMA district of San Francisco, in 2006. " 

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May 2013

Craft Beer – A Hopumentary

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GQ, May 2010

The Modern Beer Bar

"At City Beer Store in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood or at Bierkraft in Brooklyn, you can stop in for a weekend’s worth of bottle-aged brews." 

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Say Cheese, April 2010

Pitcher Perfect Pairings

"At City Beer Store, the San Francisco shop that Wathen runs with her husband Craig, customers can sample cheese paired with whatever happens to be on tap." 



SF Weekly "Best of San Francisco 2010", April 2010

Best Beer Bottle Selection 2010

"Craig and Beth Wathen, the couple that runs this SOMA hole-in-the-wall bottle shop, take painstaking care to stock the widest selection of hard-to-find beers from the most interesting breweries." 

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7x7, March 2010

Brew Love

"Barrel Fever Blondes don’t alway have more fun. Russian River Brewing Company’s award winning Belgian style brown ale, Supplication, is aged in French oak Pinot Noir barrels handed down from local wineries. per 12-ounce bottle at City Beer Store." 



Beers of the World, January 2010

Beer selles: City Beer Store

"Craig Wathen and his wife, Beth opened City Beer Store precisely to fill that gap in the market, and because they believed in the contribution small businesses can make to the community. " 



Northwest Brewing News, December 2009

Best of the northwest readers choice awards

"Best Beer Store Northern California “City Beer”, San Francisco" 

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San Francisco Chronicle, October 2009

Genial Gathering Place for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

"For the last 20 years, San Francisco has been a hotbed of craft beer enthusiasm, embracing strong, complex brews long before most of the country could tell the difference between Bud and Bud Light." 



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