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Anchorage - Time for a Change

  • $27.99


“This is one of my favorite beers!” @Gabe Fletcher, founder of Anchorage Brewing Company.

That statement might surprise you — it seems kinda weird that a guy known for brewing massive ABVs would choose a crushable Pilsner as his favorite. But, like so many amazing brewers around the country, Gabe enjoys his Pils!

Of course, Time For a Change isn’t your average light beer. 

Gabe added a solid dose of Saaz Hops — both dry-hopping and in the boil — to bring out notes of lemongrass and a touch of grapefruit. Plus, he lagered the brew for a full 6 months, left it unfiltered for a fuller body and bolder flavors, and naturally carbonated it for fizzy effervescence.

It’s so brightly flavorful and crushably smooth, you’ll want to sip it all day. And, with its chuggable ABV, you absolutely can. 

This is basically the holy grail of day-drinking beer — a fantastic choice for all your sports watching, spring cleaning, and lounging needs. If you have plans that call for an easy-drinking, all-day brew, grab yourself a stash of Time for a Change and drink like a world-class brewer.


3.5% ABV