Armistice - Stinker Bell

  • $7.99


West Coast DIPA: If Tinkerbell is the product of a creep’s fantasy, then Stinkerbell is our’s. Nelson and Nectaron stink so good. We loved this combo in our award-winning hazy IPA “Green New Zeal” so we decided to try it out in a drier, West Coast version, and amp it up by making it a double. Alcohol is a magical vector for aromatics, and we think this iteration just sings. That combination of hops leap out of the glass and shake down the ol’ olfactories with pine sap, terpenes, and spearmint with a dry finish and nary a jot of bitterness. If you want to get your money's worth, you should definitely pour this beer into a glass and get your nose in there for a bouquet that will blow your mind.