Artisanal Brew Works - She's Tert with Raspbanana

  • $24.99


Made using a delectable tart raspberry concentrate, and a touch of banana purée for thickness, this fruited sour beer tastes like a raspberry tart!
For each rotating She’s Tert fruited sour, we select unique fruits that provide interest, movement, color, and most importantly, deliciously tart fruit flavors. By adding ample amounts of high-quality real fruit purées and concentrates to our proprietary sour base, we create fruited sours that are tart and balanced making them drinkable pint after pint.

The She’s Tert woman on every can was created by a local artist known as Violet Rose and embodies the intense fruit profile that each rotating sour contains! We hope you, like our brewer Adam, will exclaim “She’s Tert” when you drink these sours! *Contains Lactose.

ABV: 4%