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Casa Agria - Saison de la Casa 2018 (750mL Bottle)

  • $19.99


SAISON DE LA CASA - BLEND NO. 4 is made up of three separate vintages of the same beer. Fifty percent of the blend comes from mature foeder saison that we keep as a solera, twenty-five percent comes from 8-18 month old barrel aged saison and the remaining twenty-five percent comes from fresh saison. The final blend fermented to dryness over two weeks in stainless steel before blending where it was naturally conditioned in bottles and kegs.⠀

Tasting Notes►Pouring a pale golden honey color with a light haze, the high carbonation sends out a bouquet of dry hay, lemongrass, honey blossoms and a pleasant minerality. Body is dry but soft and round with what we can only describe as a nice “spritz” of the palette. The flavors balance the bready oak and cast enough tartness to keep you endlessly hankering for one more sip.