Chimay - Chimay Dorée (Gold)

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In common with all the Chimay beers, this top-fermented beer re-ferments both in the bottle as in the barrel. The Chimay Dorée proves that even a light beer can be surprisingly complex. In common with many white beers, coriander and curaçao are responsible for the taste.

4.8% ABV

Chimay Dorée is a top-fermented beer that re-ferments in the bottle.

Chimay Dorée is brewed with water from an underground well (-40 m), pale ale malt, Hallertau hops, curaçao, coriander and the Chimay house yeast (used for both the main fermentation and the re-fermentation).

Colour & Transparency
As suggested by its name, the Chimay Dorée takes on a golden yellow colour in the glass, covered by a white cloudy froth.

Serving Temperature
6 - 8°C / 43 - 46°F

Serving Glass
The aromas and tastes can only be paid full justice if the beer is served in the traditional chalice on a tall stem, typical for this Trapp