Chimay - Grande Reserve (Blue)

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9% ABV

Chimay Bleue is a high-fermentation beer that undergoes re-fermentation in the bottle.

The Chimay Bleue contains first-class natural ingredients: water, barley malt, hops as well as Chimay’s own distinctive yeast.

Colour & Transparency
The Chimay Bleue has an intensely dark brown colour, with a clear, ruby-red glow, and is covered by a robust cream-coloured collar of froth.

Serving Temperature
10 - 12°C/ 50 - 54°F

Serving Glass
In common with all the other Belgian Trappists, the Chimay Bleue is tasted best when it's in its own tulip-shaped glass. Chimay also provides a pottery mug which brings a measure of medieval charm.

Character, Tastes & Aromas
Hints of coffee, cacao and dried dark fruits make an initial seductive appearance, to be followed by rich aromas of stone fruits such as apricot and nectarines. In the mouth, mocha and coffee are dominant. The finish is heart-