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Equilibrium / Long Live Beer Works - Confluence

  • $24.99


[collab w/LONG LIVE BEER WORKS] Confluence is when two things come together... in this case Peanuts and Coffee. After brewing a confluence of EQ and Long Live base stout recipes, we conditioned this beer on our Kinetic Energy Blend coffee roasted for us by our friends at @mostracoffee , peanuts, and a touch of lactose. Pitch black with a beautiful frothy head, aromas of PB cups and cold brew coffee lead into flavors of Baker’s chocolate, gooey fudge, drip coffee, and melted peanut butter coffee ice cream to coat the tongue and belly. The roastiness from our specialty malts and coffee cuts through the sweetness making this beer a confluence of your favorite coffee shop, scoop shop, and candy shop all in one glass.

ABV: 11%