Firestone Walker - Tequila Barrel Sunrise

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Tequila Sunrise is a spirited riff on the classic namesake cocktail. The journey of this beer began when we aged our signature blonde barleywine, Helldorado, in Extra Ańejo tequila barrels, then blended it with small lots matured in cherry and orange bitters barrels. Finally, we infused this blend with orange zest and hibiscus, all to deliver the color, flavors, and vibe you would expect from a beer with this name. The result is a uniquely delicious creation that offers an authentic Tequila Sunrise sipping experience.

ABV – 11%


No. Cases: 2350
Bottle Date: 4/23/21
Style – Tequila Barrel-Aged Cocktail Inspired Ale Brewed with Orange Peel and Hibiscus
Maturation – Aged in Extra Anejo Tequila barrels for 24+ months, Cherry & Orange Bitters Barrels