Fort George - Consider the Mango

  • $20.99



Consider for a moment… the mango. The vibrant yellow color, the juiciness, the gentle tartness. Consider the correct way to peel and serve a mango (does anyone know?). Consider the velvety texture, the versatility, the wide range of culinary uses.

Now consider 850 pounds of mango puree, a smattering of hops, and a light and airy grain bill. The brewers at Fort George haven’t considered their last tropical fruit.

Consider the Mango is a bright and refreshing, slightly tart, blushing orange pint with an abundance of mango flavor.



Consider the Mango was the first release in our “Consider the…” Fruited Quick Sour Series and is back for Spring 2024.

Hops: Simcoe Cryo, Berliner Blend
Malts: Rahr Pilsner, GM Flaked Oats, Linc Stingray Wheat
Extras: Mango Puree, Freeze-dried Mango

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