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Hello Friend - Don't Be Fooled

  • $19.99


Strata Wet-Hop Lager

Don’t Be Fooled is our inaugural exhibition of unadulterated freshly harvested wet hops. Sourced from our friends at Indie Hops, 300 lbs of wet whole cone Strata were used to brew this beautifully delicate libation. Eschewing the typical wet hop pale ale concept, we decided to brew a beer that would best showcase the fleeting and fragile complexities of wet hop Strata.

Brewed singularly with pilsner malt and fermented with a classic lager strain, Don’t Be Fooled has a refreshing and dry body that effectively delivers everything whole cone Strata has straight to your palate. Bursting with notes of honeydew melon and aromas reminiscent of a lunch box fruit cup, Don’t Be Fooled is a thorough showcase of what wet hop Strata can be.

5.5% ABV