Humble Sea - Humblefest

  • $6.49


Humblefest (5%) Double decocted Summerfest. Collaboration with @sierranevada
AROMA: lemon peel, lemon blossom, jasmine, lemongrass
FLAVOR: subtle sweetness, white bread, lemon/orange pith, lime zest
MOUTHFEEL: light bodied, refreshing, crisp
NICK’S NOTES/RAD DETAIL: Sierra Nevada was the brewery for me (as well as a ton of folks in craft beer), that got me into craft beer, so to make a beer with them is a dream come true. A lot of the productions favorite Sierra Nevada beer is their seasonal Summerfest, so we decided to brew it on our system and brew it how we like to do things. So we brewed a double decocted version using the same recipe they use, for a HS flare on a Sierra Nevada staple.