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Little Beast - Country Wizard (375mL bottle)

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Country Wizard represents Little Beast’s newest addition to their year-round lineup. Labeled a Brett Super Saison, the beer’s 8.5% ABV seems hidden in plain sight. German Pilsner malt, Belgian Munich malt and whole groats are fermented initially with several strains of Saccharomyces. In secondary fermentation, Country Wizard is finished with a proprietary, fruit-forward Brettanomyces strain, giving the beer both a dry finish and complex, juicy stone-fruit flavors.

“We wanted to add a fourth beer to our year round lineup so we went with something quite a bit bigger than our other core beers,” said Little Beast founder and brewmaster, Charles Porter. “Country Wizard has a lot of ‘goodies’ to it—the fruity Brettanomyces character is louder, the body is bigger, the flavors are less subtle, yet the alcohol level is a bit deceiving. We’re very happy to have this beer around at all times moving forward.”