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Otherwise - 30,000 Feet

  • $5.99


30,000 Feet Juicy IPA (6.4%) was inspired by the stratospheric flavor of Oregon-grown Strata hops. Tropical, dank, and citrusy, this elegant IPA bursts with notes of passionfruit, good herb, and grapefruit 🌿

We then rounded out the hop profile with a little bit of El Dorado, lending a touch of pineapple, fresh sliced orange, and stone fruit to the bouquet 🍍 🍊

The grain bill is primarily rice malt, with a supporting role played by millet malt, creating a balanced maltiness that has just enough sweetness to elevate the hop flavors. Medium-bodied and juicy, this fruit-forward, easy-drinking IPA will transport your taste buds to new altitudes!