HOLIDAY HOURS- 11/24: 3PM TO 10PM, 11/24:CLOSED, 11/25: 3PM TO 10PM


Pacifica Brewing - Kuit Tower

  • $5.99


Our friends at Admiral Maltings had a crazy idea; brew a lost beer style that existed from the 1400’s until the 1800’s in the Netherlands and featured a freakishly large proportion of malted oats. This traditional Kuitbier (pronounced “Coit”) features 50% malted oats, 25% malted wheat, and just a mere 25% malted barley in the recipe, all California grown and malted by Admiral Maltings. The result is a time traveling, highly approachable strong lager with flavors of rustic grain, straw, a little white grape and a pleasantly sweet and creamy finish.