Pure Project / Fruition - Everything Gold May Stay

  • $15.99


This Flanders style ale is a reunion of two brewers—Winslow and his childhood friend David from Fruition Brewing—who went to school together, lived together, and worked together at the beginning of their brewing careers. In 2010, the two made a Flanders style ale and each brewer kept the mixed fermentation cultures alive for future use. Fast forward to the making of Everything Gold May Stay; not only did the brewers reunite, but so did their long-separated sour bugs! Built on a rustic grain bill of Admiral Pils, wheat, and oats, this sour golden ale aged for about a year in oak barrels then conditioned with golden, double gold, and red raspberries from JSM Organics, which neighbors Fruition's brewhouse in Watsonville, CA. With an abundance of raspberries, this batch has a deep coral color and unmistakable notes of sweet crushed raspberry. Essences of rose petals and French oak intermingle with subtle tannins and complex acidity on the palate. In contrast to Robert Frost's notion that "nothing gold can stay", may everything good and beautiful about this beer live on long after the last sip.

ABV: 5.8%