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Pure Project - Pure West

  • $15.99
  • $21.99


beer style:
Unfiltered West Coast IPA with Mosaic, Simcoe, & Nelson Hops
We are celebrating our first year of sourcing hand selected hops by releasing our first core Unfiltered West Coast IPA. Hand selection allows us to focus on what we think are the finest hops from each years’ harvest, and we will continue to evolve the hop varieties in Pure West with the freshest and most flavorful hops we can find. This inaugural brew showcases hand-selected Mosaic, Simcoe, and Nelson hops to provide an intense aroma of pineapple with a subtle dankness. Sweet floral notes soften on the palate while leading to a solid bitter finish.

Mosaic Hops – Loftus Ranches, Washington
Simcoe Hops – Scenic Valley, Oregon
Nelson Hops – Freestyle Hops, New Zealand