Pure Project - Subconscious Mind

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ABV:  6.7%
Hops: Nelson & Strata 


Subconscious Mind returns to the fall lineup as our autumnal quarterly core IPA. This murky IPA is brimming with Nelson Sauvin (New Zealand) and Strata (Oregon) hops. Tropical aromas of dried mango, ripe pineapple, guava and white peach give way to an assortment of flavors including pine, white wine, berry and grapefruit. Get ready, your brain waves will send signals to your conscious mind that a new favorite has arrived. 

Sensory Notes:
Appearance: Murky Pale Color, White Head
Aroma: Dried Mango, Ripe Pineapple, White Peach, Berry, Guava, Pine, Subtle Tangerine
Flavor: Pine, White Peach, Mango Smoothie, White Wine, Berry, Grapefruit, Lime
Mouthfeel: Medium Body

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