Temescal - Temescal Wit

  • $15.99


By now you’ve discovered the deliciousness that is a well-made hazy IPA—but when was the last time you tried an OG hazy?? ⁣

For those in the know, witbier is a style that inspires intense devotion. Count us among the devoted — it’s just so dang refreshing, and we are very, very excited to offer y’all our take on this classic style. ⁣

There’s a wide world of wits and related beers out there, and they go by many names—Hefeweizen, White, Weisse, and so on. Bottom line: if you like yourself an easy-drinking wheat beer in the heat, this beer is for you.⁣

Temescal Wit, 4.2%, is beautifully fluffy and sessionable. It’s brewed with unmalted wheat, oats, and orange peel— making it as soft, cloudy, and juicy as that other hazy you’ve been chasing. Coriander and a classic belgian yeast introduce a spicy complexity and a doughy freshness that’s irresistible. ⁣