Topa Topa - Dozer Line Black Lager

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The depths of this California winter require some toasty treats from time to time. Fortunately the darkness leads to the light, or in this case, the darkness IS actually THE light. We welcome back to the board one of our cult classic beers, Dozer Line. A black lager this beer is deceptive and delicious. Dark in color with roasty character, this beer is refreshing, with contrasting flavors of biscuit, dark chocolate and toasted walnut.  Easily drinkable at 4.6% ABV this is a brewers favorite for it's drinkability and complexity.  Dozer Line gets its name from the heroic firefighters who bulldoze firebreaks in the hillsides as they burn.  We think this beer serves as a perfect reward for any of our firefighting friends!  

Tasting Notes: Biscuit, Toasted Walnut, Bitter Chocolate (4.6%)